10 things that does not buy from pedlars

10 things that does not buy from pedlars


Beware of bed bugs and damaged equipment.

10 things that does not buy from pedlars

1. Mattress

A good orthopedic mattress is expensive, so the desire to save is understandable. But it is saving on the health of the spine.

Over time, the mattress adapts to the shape of the host body. On things are formed depressions and bulges, which create ideal conditions for the rest of the previous owner. And here is you on such a will already awkward.

Besides, you can’t put a mattress in the washing machine. To get rid of possible dust mites, bedbugs and other unpleasant inhabitants, will have to call specialists at home. And this can negate all the savings.

2. Soft furniture

In upholstery new owner can guard unexpected tenants — the same bugs, fleas, dust mites. Sofa, bought with hands, to on it sleep, often upset curves, incompatible with the body.If we are talking about buying ordinary upholstered furniture with a limited budget, it is worth considering shops with affordable prices. But upholstered furniture of a bizarre shape, which has not been produced for decades, is an exception. In this case, change the upholstery and enjoy your luck: the costs are worth it.

3. Wearing the shoes

The position of the foot when walking is important. It depends on how the load is distributed between the knee, hip joints, spine, as well as how quickly a person gets tired when moving.

Shoes eventually adapts to the features of the feet and gait. Someone erases the sole from the inside of the foot, someone — from the outside. The new owner can buy not only a pair of shoes, but also problems with the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, in particular, you should not take worn shoes to children.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is not an iPhone, people do not stand in queues to buy the latest model. It’s usually used until it makes its farewell hum. Or because someone inexperienced collected mercury from a broken thermometer and made it dangerous. Or because the equipment works intermittently and turns off after five minutes of cleaning.

There is, of course, the possibility that people just bought a robot vacuum cleaner or decided to grow mud, so sell the device. But better safe than sorry.

5. Cutting Kitchen Appliances

Buying hand grinder, blender, combine, be prepared that the cutting parts will have to be replaced or given to sharpening. Over time, the knives become blunt and worse cope with its function. Replacement can sometimes be very off-budget.

6. Cosmetic

There is nothing wrong with the fact that a person gives or sells unnecessary cosmetics, but only if the product is produced in a form that excludes its contact with fingers and brushes. It’s a matter of hygiene. In cream textures bacteria multiply actively, especially if it is a nutrient or moisturizer.

However, as for sprays and tubes, here, too, not everything is clear. The man didn’t put his fingers in the bottle, but who knows how he kept it. Many products require a certain temperature. Foundation, left in the summer on a Sunny windowsill, can lose all its functions, and the open serum will leave the active ingredients.

So change with friends, but do not trust the sellers from the Internet.

7. Medicament

For medicament, it is important where and how they were stored. If you cannot guarantee that everything has been done correctly, it is better to abstain. But decide here on the principle of the lesser evil. Perhaps, buy the medicine with hands (especially with known hands) better, than to remain at all without him.

8. Protective Helmet

The helmet is an important part of the equipment. For cyclists, for example, they reduce systemic reviews of bicycle helmet research’s risk of head injuries by 63-88%. But most helmets will be able to withstand only one strong blow, after which the protective properties deteriorate significantly. Buying this particular headgear with it, you don’t know how much trouble he has already visited.

9. Child Car Seat

The reasons are the same as for the helmet. The chair could have been in an accident, deformed, cracked because of the impact and lose some of the protective functions, and you for some reason will not notice. A child’s life is not worth risking.

10. Thermoformed Shoes

It is better not to save if you buy thermoformed skates, ski or snowboard shoes, rollers. The plastic boot is heated and seated exactly on the foot of the owner. Accordingly, it will not be very convenient for you. Unless you found your foot twin…


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