Rules of placing ads on
Free ads . Ads from physical and legal persons are being placed free of charge;
Thematic conformity of ads. Ads must accurately conform the categories and Section in which it is published;
Regional conformity of ads. Ads must have a direct or indirect attitude to the region in which they are published;
Term of ads. The author of the ad determines validity of the ad;
Automatically removal of ads. After the deadline your ad will be removed automatically.
Ads of the registered users.The registered user has an ability to manage their ads (change the deadline for ads, edit, select, delete them) from his private cabinet.
While paying for a service of ads allocation on, you agree that:
Placement of paid advertisements does not guarantee a special attitude to it;
If the ad breaks Rules of placing ads, is placed in the wrong category, or in the presence of complaints from other users of BoardFreeAds, it will be removed. In this case, if an ad has been removed by the moderator, it can not be restored, the service is not transferred to another ad, the payment for services is not refundable;
If the user intentionally or mistakenly placed an ad in the wrong category and paid for the service of ad allocation, the moderator reserves the right to transfer it to another category or delete it. If you transfer your ad to another category the ad loses the status of allocated. The payment for the service is not refundable (and is not transferable to another ad);
Also a refund is not provided if an ad is mistakenly deleted by the user. It can not be restored, the service is not transferred to another ad, or at a later time;
Means on the account in a private cabinet of the user may only be used to pay for the services of BoardFreeAds.They can not be removed from the system or transferred to another account.
The users of understand and agree that:
By using our website of free private ads you take up the risk, because all the ads information is being provided by the users, and we can not verify its reliability;
The user of the information placed in announcements or received with the use of the given board of ads is made responsible for any damage which may be caused to the given user or other persons as a result of the use of information;
We are not responsible for mandatory reference in the text of announcements or advertisements on any patent, license, trademark, property rights or copyrights and related rights with them. This responsibility lays on the author of the announcement;
Administrator of the board of private free announcements is not liable for losses in which has resulted use or impossibility to use of a site of announcements;
Site Moderator of the free ads site has the right to remove any ad that does not meet the conditions described above, or on the discretion without indication of the reasons.
Obligations of the users:
Do not place the ads in the same character with the same meaning and the text as long as the previous such announcement has not expired;
Do not place illegal information in the ads and comments. Placement of the information that is harmful, threatening to anybody’s interests, contains insults to specific individuals or organizations, offends the honor and dignity of citizens, violates the copyrights or related rights, promotes hatred, discrimination against people on any grounds, can lead to blocking the use of the site by the user violating the rights of others and to the transfer of such user’s data to the law enforcement agencies (at the official request);
Do not give out itself for other person or the representative of the organization and/or community without the sufficient rights to that, for owners of the goods, companies, trade marks, etc., nor to mislead as to the properties and characteristics of any goods or services;
Prevent deliberate or accidental violation of any applicable local, national or international laws and regulations;
Do not place information, links, e-mail address, etc. on network resources, content or software which are contrary to existing national or international law; To the users breaking the above requirements, the possibility of the publication of announcements on the board of private free announcements will be closed, and their placed ads will be removed by the resource administrator without notifying the author.