Why you can not store bread in the refrigerator: 3 reasons

Why you can not store bread in the refrigerator: 3 reasons

Despite the spread of molecular cuisine and unusual products, nothing has changed globally — baking is still stored in every home. At the same time, the place where the bread lies should not affect its taste. Why you can not store bread in the refrigerator and plastic bags, everyone should know in the diet who includes this product.


Why can not store bread in the refrigerator?

Some people keep bread in the refrigerator all their life for one simple reason: they think to keep the freshness of the product, such as sausages or greens. However, bakery products are specific and require their saving conditions with preservation of taste.


Among the reasons that make the refrigerator a dubious place to store bread, is to list the following:

  1. Bread is very hygroscopic in nature. It absorbs moisture like a sponge. In the refrigerator, a moist environment, as at low temperature condensation of water vapor contained in the air. Modern models are equipped with a fan, which only partially solves the problem, but it will be a stream of air to dry the loaf. Bread, saturated with moisture, loses its taste and when pulled out of the refrigerator very quickly hardens.  “In the series “the big Bang Theory” it is scientifically called the crystallization of starch at low temperatures.”

  2. Mould formation. A moist environment is an environment conducive to the growth and development of microorganisms and fungi. This manifests itself in the form of mould on bread. Plays a role and that the yeast dough undergoes further fermentation, and in an acidic environment, the mold grows rapidly. Also contributes to the spoilage of bread its content in a plastic bag — it preet in a confined space and becomes not just tasteless, but also dangerous when used.

  3. Bread absorbs not only moisture, but also smells. If you leave the loaf next to the strong-smelling products, you will find that the flesh has absorbed them. Therefore, bread from the refrigerator may have a taste of meat or fish, which in itself is undesirable.


If you need to keep the bread for two to three days, put it in a metal bread box or pan with a lid. When there is nothing at hand, you can wrap the bread in a cloth or paper. Plastic bag can be used only punctures it small holes for ventilation. And from the storage of bread in the refrigerator, you are unlikely to achieve what you wanted — freshness…

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